We partnered with 44 Wealth Management to provide consulting, branding, messaging, print design, website design & development, and video marketing.

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44 Wealth Management needed a local marketing partner to come alongside them and provide a variety of marketing services to help launch their brand new wealth advisory firm. Without an internal marketing team, the client needed help from start to finish. The challenge began with creating a plan and ended up executing and launching their new marketing assets.


Partnering with 44 Wealth Management was a fantastic opportunity because we had the ability to help craft all of their marketing initiatives. Without an internal marketing team, they needed someone to take the lead and drive their marketing efforts forward. With a solid plan in place, we tackled each component of this project head-on making sure everything was consistent.


After going through a comprehensive discovery process, we started working on a strategic approach to their marketing initiatives. With a better understanding of the new business, we created a strategy with milestones and a full timeline of deliverables.


After discovery and strategy, we started the execution phase which included tackling the various marketing initiatives including a full corporate brand (new logo, colors, typography), custom messaging, print design materials, a brand new website, and a couple company culture videos.


After completing the execution phase, we delivered a variety of marketing assets including a new brand package (logo, colors, typography, brand guidelines), messaging documents, print design materials, brand new website, and two company culture videos.

Corporate rebrand
Brand New Website
Custom Messaging Statements
Company Culture Videos

5-Star Client Review by AKS Engineering

"Sproutbox was intuitive, attentive, creative, responsive, and always professional. They were able to produce an effective and succinct message and product that is current and forward thinking, reflective of our firm's intent and mission, in a voice that captures our firm's culture, and of which we are immensely proud."

Jennifer Werner, Director of Marketing